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A visit to an Arab stallion

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Last autumn I accompanied a friend to Aleppo in Syria. He was on a business trip, I did extensive sightseeing. As a history teacher and horseman, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. I had heard that there was at least one stud in or around Aleppo, but I knew nothing specific about it. But once we had arrived in town, it was easy to get there, and had to exercise a lot of self-restraint to keep myself from buying a stallion from the breed of an Arabian princess, or so they say. (No, not from Saudi Arabia. There, women aren’t even allowed to drive a car, and I guess that princesses are not exempted from the rule.) A beautiful stallion with a fabulous pedigree. The animal was for sale, because the owner didn’t want to bear the expenses any more.

It was a good time. Two former Syrian show jumping champions looked after the horses (or supervised their care). Besides discussions and watching the routine, a lot of jokes were cracked, and I feel it was the highlight of my stay in Syria.

Just that I returned with empty hands, even though consumer credits are so cheap these days.
OK. Maybe this year.


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March 29, 2008 at 8:44 pm

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