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The Countryside – Reasons to Go, Reasons to Stay

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The region I’m living in is so beautiful that it is the only place in Germany where I want to be. And because of that, and because it is almost centred between Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover, I have been looking for a defunct farm, possibly with one two five hectares next to it. But somehow, demand doesn’t meet supply. Not at a price that I’d consider adequate, anyway. Property owners seem to confuse the Euro with the old Deutsche Mark. In addition, my purchasing power has gone down, like that of most people in this region. In my case, over the years, it has been a reduction of about 17%. And that’s still a reduction on a pretty privileged income. Many people have real worries.


One of our regional papers (the kind that you get into your mailbox for free every weekend, if you want it or not) carried an article about some trends of the Verden County property market.


Single family houses: minus 10%.

Row-house and twin houses respetively: minus 20%.

Building land / development sites: minus 80% in turnover.


Demographic change is cited as the reason. That’s certainly true, but I believe that changes in society will play a much bigger role. Verden is about 40 kilometres from Bremen, and 90 from Hanover. They call it paradiseParticularly there you will find well paid jobs for skilled people and academics – not in the country. The big cities (not everyone everywhere in the world will find Bremen, Hamburg or Hanover big) are chic, and because they can pay the rents and property prices (which are rising there, but only there). Nobody who doesn’t have to still wants to pay the ever-rising petrol prices. Around the cities, development areas of the 1970s and 1980s, real incomes are rapidly going down. It isn’t exactly poverty, but it is fear and loathing when it comes to refuelling, buying food, or thinking about what you can do for the education of your children. The fact that people there have never been confronted with genuine relegation before, and that many of them have got used to see the purpose of life in consuming (and not in learning) doesn’t make things any better.


I call THIS paradisePeople who have the bucks to make free choices and who don’t love the countryside are moving to the cities. Maybe migration from East to West Germany is mostly completed. But within Eastern Lower Saxony, it has only just begun.



Written by taide

June 7, 2008 at 8:48 pm

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