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Lovestory – The REAL Car (Part One)

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There may be some confusion abroad about the concept of German cars on the one hand, and the Germans’ cars on the other.

The big German manufacturers (Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche) make cars in the upper layers of the markets, and only massive use of expensive technology can bring their consumption down to 7 to 12 litres. cars waiting for cargo, shopping centre, Saturday morning

But you can only spend your money once, and many German buyers happily do without that technology, buying cars at medium or low prices instead. Brands like Ford or Opel who face competiton from Italy, Japan, or Korea are having no easy time of that. So is Volkswagen, still struggling to make up their mind about what to offer their European and German customers: the economical 3-litre Lupo or their bombastic Phaeton.

 So far, the German manufacturers still get “help” from the European Commission. Mandatory reduction of CO2 emissions has been postponed once again, and new, not necessarily essential safety requirements such as ESP may keep competitors like the Indian Tata out of the European market.

Scumbags like me, lacking costly patriotism, certainly do hope for globalisation to take root. I don’t like tariffal or non-tariffal trade barriers that force us to buy cars with features that I haven’t asked for.

If the German car lobbyism goes on like this, they’ll find themselves at the same position as the US manufacturers who can keep their SUVs to themselves.

 If this happens, thanks to the narrow-mindedness of CEOs and the silly expectations from the workforce as to what their employers owe them in wages, the jobs will go elsewhere – and it won’t be long until the people who have lost them will claim “solidarity”. You can have mine, if you get real and let Porsche and Wiedeking in immediately. As a Lower Saxonian, I’d like to buy a Volkswagen from my home province – but you’ll have to give me a chance to do so.

 Otherwise, please go and **** yourselves. I won’t listen to your demonstrations, and sue you all once you jam the motorways in “protest” as your jobs are moving East.



Written by taide

June 15, 2008 at 8:20 am

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