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Is Sarko just “showy”?

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venue for a future Mediterranean conference?

Aleppo Citadel throne hall: venue for a future Mediterranean conference?

He is our president. So-to-speak. France is chairing the EU until the end of the year, and Nicolas Sarkozy is the French president. The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent in Jerusalem is weighing the pros and cons of the Union for the Mediterranean project and prefers not to make up his mind. “President Sarkozy wants to add France’s weight as a facilitator [in the Middle East]. But in the end it may amount to little.”  

Compared to what any US president Bush’s successor may be able to achieve. Sure. But if Lebanon and Syria really exchanged embassies, that would be a big and helpful step for Syria towards the real world.

Then again, it is going to be a long way, even if the two countries do advance diplomatically. Lebanon’s president Suleiman asked press people not to refer to the dialogue between his country and Syria as “normalising ties”. Their relations were “completely normal”.

Makes me wonder if he considers them “normal” because he sees no Syrian involvement in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, or because Lebanon’s former prime minister is dead anyway.


Written by taide

July 13, 2008 at 7:24 pm

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