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Südbrücke – Verden’s Southern Bridge to be demolished

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Single-lane traffic, Südbrücke, Verden (Aller)The Südbrücke was built during the years of 1888 and 1889, one year after Wilhelm II. became emperor. In the final days of World War 2, German troups tried to blow it up, together with a similar bridge closer to town, to keep the British forces West of the Aller River. The old iron lady next to town gave in to the explosives, but her sister further West remained unmoved. The blast only shattered the Verden Dome’s stained-glass windows some hundred metres away. But the City and district councils are  apparently determined to accomplish the glorious work of our heroic troops, some 63 years later. Instead of this single-lane iron bridge, they will build a two-lane one.

Traffic planning has sucked here for decades, and one sometimes gets the impression that Verden, by and large spared by the Allied bombers during the war, feels compelled by an invisible hand to do the job of the American, British and Canadian airforce, plus the above-mentioned work of German troops, by itself.

What the town really needs is a ring road that would pick up the B 215 traffic. Baby-sized solutions like the one that put up with the loss of old buildings in the North West of the old city (but couldn’t cope with traffic only twenty years later), plus the one underway now, are useless.


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July 13, 2008 at 2:32 pm

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  1. […] hard to describe, but the replacement for the old railway bridge – not to be confused with the new Südbrücke now under reconstruction for car traffic – won’t be 15 metres tall, as threatened by the […]

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