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Syria: Smart Purchasing Advice

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any arms sales of “a defensive character” would not change the strategic balance in the Middle East.

That’s great news, Mr Lavrov. The only question then: why is Syria buying arms from Russia at all? If Russian arms deliveries to Syria, as defensive as they come, don’t change the strategic balance in the Middle East anyway, how about something useful instead? Stuff like road sweepers from Kärcher, for example, to remove dead cats like the one pictured below?

Dead cat at Souq Entrance, Aleppo, Syria

Dead cat at Souq Entrance, Aleppo, Syria









I mean, street scenes like this one really look like a threat to the Syrian public. It should take qualified staff and a high-quality fleet of cleaning devices to keep the roads tidy – without contracting the plague at work.


There are big military footnotes to this story, of course. According to the Georgian interior ministry (as quoted by Wikipedia, anyway), at least three SS-26 Iskander missiles hit Gori, Poti and a place around Supsa during the recent armed conflict between Russia and Georgia. Mr Assad’s statement that “Russia’s military campaign in Georgia was a justified response to provocation from Tbilisi” makes even more sense if these missiles are on his buying list.

With a range of 415 km or 280 km (the Russian export version so far?) , Israel looks like a most likely target. Israeli work on missile defence will have to continue.


Written by taide

August 31, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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