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Turkish Parents in Germany establish Schools for their Children

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Migrant children don´t catch up from generation to generation in Germany, says Ingrid Gogolin, professor for inter-cultural education science in Hamburg. Cities with a substantial share of ethnic Turks have started schools of their own. And they are open to people of other backgrounds, too. Sometimes, there are also German parents who enroll their children there, as this Spiegel story tells. It seems to be no disadvantage at all.

There are Turkish people who are part of German society – including the middle or upper class. 70,000 Turkish bosses employ 400,000 people in Germany, with a turnover of about 34 bn Euros.

They´ve succeeded. But why are so many others dropping out? This is a question to Germany – its governments, and its voters. Is it – partly or completely – true that to date, only private initiatives can help migrant children to succeed? What would this say about our political decision-making, both on government levels, and inside our polling booths?


Written by taide

October 3, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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