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Sunday is the day when this town’s households get delivered local “newspapers” for free. They are free because the are advertising media for everything from Posthausen’s super mall to parking lot sex along the A1 motorway.

But they carry a bit of news, too. Next to Etelsen, some kilometres north of here, an investor plans an agro-industrial site for growing broilers, 100,000 capacity. None of the political parties like the idea – the divide isn’t between them, but between the agro-industrialists.

The CDU is traditionally the political party farmers would vote for. That seems to be changing. But what the district’s chief administrativ officer (German: Landrat) has to say is even more interesting. He wants the deal with the investor to pass.

Politics shouldn’t meddle with this, says Landrat Peter Bohlmann (SPD). “Political meddling could even be dangerous.” Why?

Because only the administration can decide the matter, says Bohlmann. If political parties had their say, the potential investor could later file a lawsuit if his project fails. Politics could impair procedures in accordance with the law?

I’m wondering. Am I getting this all wrong? Or is the project in itself the problem? Is the law to blame, or is an administration that seems to be unable to handle an investment request in accordance with the law – only because some politicians see need for a debate?


Written by taide

November 2, 2008 at 12:32 pm

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