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Babbits (broadcasting councillors) versus Babbit (Pocher)

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Some members of German Public TV’s broadcasting council are angry. Oliver Pocher (a comedian, I think), starred as Stauffenberg in a late night show. As Stauffenberg, or as Tom Cruise – I’m not sure. Demands have been made to fire him. Because this was “unpious”, according to rumours from that central committee of broadcasting – a delegate from the Catholic church in particular was angry, but there are probably colleagues of her who want Pocher to leave, too.

But his joke is hardly the problem. Members whose job apparently is to censor programmes according to their world view are. This is something particularly German. There are delegates from the political parties, from the bigger churches (Catholic and Protestant), from the trade unions, etc.. How about some professionals with no political affiliations, and a board of governors?

Once upon a time, the councillors saw their job in making public tv educational. Granted – that’s an oxymoron anyway. But to me it seems their job has always been to make a stupid medium boring. They are doing a good job for that matter.

Pocher is boring too, if you ask me. But many younger people seem to like his jokes. No matter how honest the motives of the council babbits may be – they should go home and work in a job they understand. Pocher on the other hand, who is just another babbitt, should stay. After all, he has amused some people. And that’s his job.


Written by taide

February 13, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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