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Sex and the Souq

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Ulrike Putz reports from Damascus, Sankt Pauli Nachrichten sorry, DER SPIEGEL, proudly tells us. Ms Putz’ story about sexy underwear on sale in the souq of Damascus is mostly about future mothers-in-law buying this kind of lingerie, reportedly as dowry for their daughters, so that the sons-in-law may be too fascinated with their newlywed to care about other women.

most wanted

most wanted

Terrible, isn’t it? The most beautiful stuff of the world becomes a profane investment! Isn’t that prostitution?! Anyway, DER SPIEGEL’s readers seem to find it terrible, too. Sexy Underwear for Thousand and One Nights was most wanted yesterday.

To learn from DER SPIEGEL and Ulrike Putz is to learn victory. So this is my contribution.

It's hot in here

It's hot in here

Expecting terrific traffic this weekend:

Tai De


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April 18, 2009 at 9:16 am

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