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May Day in Verden

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The Left: a rally CAN be fun!

The Left: a rally CAN be fun!

I started the washing machine, left the house and was in town at eleven. It was the great May Day rally, and we’ve written history today. Nono, just kidding.

permanent contracts?

permanent contracts?

A moderator named Teubert of the German trade union federation (DGB) made the keynote speech, very calmly and unemotional, and announced some appointments, such as a rally on May 16 in Berlin, within the framework of the European Trade Unions’ scheduled demonstrations on that same day.

The mayor (Lutz Brockmann, SPD, social democrats) spoke a greeting, and then they put a teacher (Dieter Knutz) to the microphone, of the educationalist union GEW. The only lad who could speak, actually.

It was a small rally, with maybe one hundred people attending. As it was a public venue right on the town hall square, some may also have been bystanders. Funny. Here is the biggest economic crisis in a century, and the unions don’t manage to attract a crowd. 

Meet the Crowd

Meet the Crowd

They wouldn’t have attracted me either, except for making photos and having a Bratwurst. The educationalist union’s speaker did what his union always does: telling parents how disadvantaged their kids are in our educational system, when they come from the wrong place and family background. Fine. But why should I join – or rather: re-join – a union which only worries about our customers, but not about the employees it was meant to represent?

Education unionist Knutz: for everyone and for noone

Education unionist Knutz: for everyone and for noone

Maybe that’s the main weakness of the unions. They don’t represent their members. They work like political parties. Which means that they miss the real issues. You can neither expect a fierce debate, nor enthusiastic support when you have nothing to say.

And after all these nothings have been said, Verden’s wildest DJ spins us some public favourites – ABBA: I have a Dream.

Me too.


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