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More about May Day, More Globally Speaking

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A moderate anti-globalisation activist

A moderate anti-globalisation activist

Josef Joffe, Stanford, California, co-editor of Germany’s weekly Die Zeit, apparently lives in California. They don’t celebrate May Day there, but he’s trying to be nice to the unions here anyway.

Of course, globalisation is great, he writes, and it has helped every country that was open for it, and left those behind who were not. But still… there was that uneasiness

Because it was so unpleasant when American customers who only wanted a domestic flight got their inquiries answered by Indian sing-sang (South Asian Indians, I suppose). Or when you have a bank account in Kent, you don’t want to have your phone calls answered by a call centre in Malysia, do you? The accents get on Mr Joffe’s nerves, because it dramatises the distance between the customer and the company.

Fortunately for most Germans, these excrescences don’t occur to them, because Indians don’t speak German. Germans can enjoy globalisation’s fruits without any pitfalls. But times are getting better again for America and Britain, too, Delta Airlines has now closed its call centres in India, reports Joffe, and so does Chrysler. Hooray!


Written by taide

May 3, 2009 at 8:16 am

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