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German Government Cancels Paintball Ban

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Neither the Social Democrats nor the Christian Democrats seem to insist on a ban on paintball any more. Although the SPD parliament group’s speaker on domestic policies, Dieter Wiefelspütz, considers paintball immoral, but “my personal values may not be reason for a ban”, he told Spiegel Online. (Hear, hear.) Rather, additional requirements on the players’ minimum age and rules of the game may be considered. And nobody will be there to enforce the rules of the game, supposedly.

Meantime, his conservative colleague from the CDU, Reinhard Grindel (Verden belongs to his constituency) believes that “so far, we know too little” about the possible dangers of the game.

In other words, they probably knew too little about which people they were targeting with the planned ban. No rednecks, but exactly the yuppies who they usually suck up to. Shit happens if you a politician, but out of tune with what’s trendy in your own country.

Whatever – some reason seems to have trickled down on the governing grand coalition. Hundreds of angry e-mails and letters probably didn’t hurt in the process.


Written by taide

May 14, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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