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The following quotations are translations into English, back from the German article by Spiegel Online. Sasha Grey’s original verbalisations during the interview (which was probably conducted in English) may be different.

Aged eighteen, Sasha Grey decided to become a porn star. Aged 21, she has become a porn star. Now, she wants to conquer the world.

This is about how Spiegel Online introduces American “actress” Sasha Grey. She talks about her work with director Steven Soderberg, feminist views of porn, and the appetite for what is forbidden.

Then Spiegel Online, quite submissively I’d say, addresses the young lady as the star of the American porn industry and lets Grey tell how she got her first prominent part. Grey then compares the general conditions and differing approaches of porn production companies, the way an author’s film is shot, how incredibly nervous she had been, and that she had private drama classes as a child.

It’s a bit like a typical German family television show: not exactly a stress interview – rather a cuddly couch for the the star of the American porn industry to promote her latest products: working on a record with her Ateceline Band, a book about sex and philosophy, the establishment of a porn company of her own, and the production of “Fuck Junkie”, its first movie.

Oooh, Saaaasha! This is soooo greaaaat !!!


But the really interesting bit is that “porn is part of popular culture. (…..) In the future, porn will more and more become part of the entertainment industry”. Which is “good, the more we taboo sex and pornography, the more problems we will have in society.”

The rest of the interview is rather dull – what many people, especially feminists, may find degrading (suggests the interviewer), i.e. being choked, spat at, slapped and penetrated by half a dozen men can on the contrary (suggests Grey) be a liberating experience full of relish. And of course, there is a codeword with which she can stop a shoot right away.

Which leaves me with the question what Hugh Hefner and le Marquis de Sade are supposed to have in common.

And the hunch that casting shows on television are only the beginning of a career full of relish. Having seen the first sixth-graders wearing stripper gloves while attending class, I can probably foresee the direction popular culture is taking.

I’m afraid Grey’s assessment concerning popular culture is fucking true. And there seems to be no codeword to stop this “liberating” process.


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