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It was nice to shut down in Verden’s pubs during the 1980s. There was the Pedro in the Grüne Straße, and Vienna and Litfass in Am Lugenstein. Once a year, there was the Domweih, the biggest annual donnybrook in town. Occasionally, there was trouble with the Brits stationed here back then, mostly because of some NATO mattresses, but it was usually no problem to avoid our friends and allies, and one hour before midnight, military police treated those of them  to pissed to get away with solid ash wood clubs and collected them into Landrovers to cart them back into the barracks.

"sports" bar

Verden, "sports" bar

I haven’t been to our pubs for some twelve years. Ten years ago, an idiot visited the Domweih with a Kalashnikov, about one year later, someone opened fire on a doorman, some two years ago, a twenty-year-old was almost sent to kingdom come by twenty stabs, probably one for every year of his life.

Early in the morning on Tuesday, a thirty-year old patrolman was knived and seriously injured by a 19-year old in a pub next to the railway station. BILD-ZEITUNG means “picture paper”, and they duly deliver a picture of the crime.

I enjoy my life. And I’ll happily stay away from my home town’s night life to live a bit longer. Anyway, even if this town was safe – just to see the faces of certain people there would spoil the party.


From Verdener Nachrichten Online, talking with Jürgen Menzel, police speaker, four days after the knife attack:

Q: Have there been expressions of sympathy from local politics?
A: No.


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  2. […] next to the railway station, and police and an emergency doctor came to his help there. Hawkar A. stabbed a policeman into the cervical artery. The patrolman was only saved by the emergency doctor, the Verdener Kreiszeitung writes in its […]

  3. […] definition, too.) Closer to home, Verden’s nightlife has certainly changed, and the patrolman who was knived here in summer 2009 was a first-night in our  small […]

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