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Verden means World

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Verden means “world”, explained Rolf Specht of Residenz-Gruppe Bremen. And added that Verdeners hadn’t always reacted to his corporation’s building plans in the Süderstadt in an urbane way. The Residenz-Gruppe is building a health-center there, on the hospital site. And Mr Specht is confident that the conflicts with the neighbourhood will die down now.

Mayor Lutz Brockmann, district chief executive Peter Bohlmann, investors, and other distinguished guests

Mayor Lutz Brockmann (SPD), district chief executive Peter Bohlmann (SPD), investors, and other distinguished guests

Only few neighbours had come to the the starting ceremony on the building site, reports the Verdener Aller Zeitung. Most guests were employees of the hospital on the site, members of the county council, Verden’s city council and members of public life (whatever that is).

Oh, and Mr Specht also suggested – if I can believe my local paper – that a  liberal democrat member of the city council arguably had had his own interests in mind when opposing the project.

I don’t know if he has evidence for that, or if it was just the beer. After all, the starting ceremony was a Bierfest, writes the Verdener Aller Zeitung.

I’m just glad that the Residenz-Gruppe and the city government are  selfless servants of the people of Verden.


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