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Berlusconi takes up the White Man’s Burden

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Berlusconi, seeking asylum in Libya

Berlusconi, seeking asylum in Libya

Q: Ma signor Berlusconi, you are no longer Italy’s prime minister?

A: No. A number of newspapers and televisions have slandered me, thus damaging Italy’s reputation. As a heroic patriot, I’m resigning.

Q: Isn’t that only because your position as prime minister doesn’t protect you from judicial inquiries any more?

A: I have nothing to hide. I’m as innocent as an orphan. I’m absolutely the most persecuted man in history. By the judiciary, that is. I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, although I’m inferior to no one in history.

Q: What are you doing on this ship now?

A: I’m leaving my beloved patria which I served so long and successfully. Not the state, but my popolo.  I’m seeking asylum in Libya to bring my perfection to perfection. I’m looking forward to living a simple life in a tent. I might serve as a child soldier in negro Africa next year.

Q: *sob* Signor Berlusconi, thank you very much.


Written by taide

October 10, 2009 at 6:45 pm

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