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Newthink: “Da Future is Digital” (and dumb)

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My dear Activist:

the future of the book isn’t necessarily digital. A linear narrative structure has little or nothing to do with the hitherto analog medium (“analoges Medium Buch”). Maybe you haven’t read too many books anyway, but even one of Theodor Storm‘s novels – and the man wrote Der Schimmelreiter (The Rider on the White Horse) some 120 years ago -, switches between three different times.

And Hannah Arendt, in works like Between Past and Future, expected her readers to create “multi-media” elements of any kind in their own imagination or, if need be, on a piece of paper of their own, rather than finding them ready-to-go in her books. An advantageous methodology, by the way. Because books like hers challenged their readers’ creativity. And the authors’, too: words were their only medium.


Dear Zeit:

granted, it is cool that you have Markus Beckedahl among your authors. It shows that you are not afraid of the “new media”. But how much do you know about the “new media”?  You see, whenever I hear the word activist, I understand that there is, in all likelihood, an activist at work. And we know what activism means, don’t we? It denotes A Rider on a Spate of Hot Air. And I believe you and I both understand that activists rarely look beyond their own noses.

Yes, Mr Beckedahl knows how to use Linux, which is absolutely adorable. You and I have no idea about Linux, that’s true, too. But then, the good thing is that we aren’t blinded by such technologies.

Admit to it, and don’t be ashamed, my dear Zeit. Earlier this year, you hosted an author who took a position fundamentally opposed to Mr Beckedahl’s. His name is Adam Soboczynski, and he wrote – oh, this  is what he wrote. Some of his stuff was kind of weird, too, but not as weird as Beckedahl’s. After all, every second of Soboczynski’s paragraphs made some sense.

Admit it, Zeit, and don’t be ashamed: you just wanted to stirr shit again, right?

Back to you, dear Activist:

you say that copy protection and closed DRM systems won’t satisfy the customers. Tell you what: this is a matter of what we want, and what we expect from our legislators. I for one expect our legislators to protect copyright – that’s what keeps creative minds thinking.

You mentioned the music industry yourself – I don’t like what the past few years have made of it. It doesn’t pay to write a good song any more. Youtube is my witness. 

Greetings to both of you:

Tai De


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October 16, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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