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Swine Flu: Lower Saxonians can put their Mind at Rest

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Now I can put my mind at rest: my pater patriae (the father of our state of Lower Saxony), prime minister Christian Wulff, won’t die from swine flu, and his benedictory doings won’t be compromised by the bothersome infection, not even for one day. He got his shot on Thursday on 08:23 Central European Time, and according to the Hamburger Abendblatt, the vaccine is called Pandemrix. At first, he had a slight rise in temperature, but now, he could virtually feel the protection in his body, he informed us.

It would be nice if I, a humble servant of the State of Lower Saxony, could virtually feel that protection in my body too, because I had decided to get a shot, given my job as a teacher, meeting hundreds of people every day. But while Mr Wulff’s former minister for economic affairs, and now minister of health in the federal cabinet in Berlin, appeals for everyone going and have themselves vaccinated – the more people participated, the better the general protection from the disease, he is quoted -, many people in Lower Saxony will have to wait for weeks, and will be lingering on waiting lists until then.

I’m sure that Asma al Assad and her awkward and stiff, but also-very-young-as-well husband and president of Syria, will have had their shots, too (but of course, I’m not sure).

Anyway, for most Syrians (and maybe for Mme al Assad and His Excellency, too), the vaccine will reportedly be available in December.

And so it will reportedly be for many Lower Saxonians. But after all, we can put our minds at ease. Our pater patriae and supreme boss of Lower Saxony’s civil service is on the safe side now.


Written by taide

November 5, 2009 at 8:16 pm

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