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Verden: Prison and Therapy for Knifer

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Hawkar A. from Verden, 19 years old, has been sentenced to five years and nine months in prison and in a psychiatric clinic’s closed ward by the Verden Regional Court’s 3rd Criminal Division on Thursday. The defendant, apparently an Iraqi national, had seriously injured his older brother by stabbing him five times, in an argument about too-loud-a-television in July last year. The defendant forthrightly admitted that he had intended to kill his brother, and during the trial, he continued to advance the view that he had been perfectly right in doing so.

Verden Regional Court

Verden Regional Court (Landgericht Verden)

His brother had taken refuge in a pub next to the railway station, and police and an emergency doctor came to his help there. Hawkar A. stabbed a policeman into the cervical artery. The patrolman was only saved by the emergency doctor, the Verdener Kreiszeitung writes in its Friday printed edition.

The policeman is back on duty, has reportedly overcome the psychological impact, but still has difficulty at speaking.

The judge found that the defendant had “no respect for lives” and needed both a therapy and a tangible prison term, but added that a shattered family background and a maturational lag needed to be considered as well.


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March 13, 2010 at 8:09 pm

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