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“Der Spiegel” and The Failable

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“Der Fehlbare” or “The Failable”, Der Spiegel titles this week. But then, “Der Fehlbare” was also a title of an article on the Pope in November 2006, on a different issue. And on October 16, 2003, on his predecessor John Paul II.

Journalism, about as innovative as the Vatican itself.

And “nothing seems to go right anymore for this once-celebrated pontiff”.

OMG! The pontiff isn’t celebrated any more! But Spiegel, don’t you know how collective borderline works?

Like the old Taoists said, the ox is garlanded today, to be slaughtered tomorrow. But who am I telling that, right?


Written by taide

April 8, 2010 at 8:01 pm

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