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Bishop Käßmann: Emo-Bomb on Afghanistan

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“Nothing is good in Afghanistan.”

The statement is from the Germany’s leading protestant bishop, Margot Käßmann, made in her New Year’s Sermon on January 1 this year, and I believe the words she has chosen show what is bad with the Evangelical church here.

Words are central media in a protestant church. In some of the churches Käßmann is heading, words weigh more heavily than the sacraments. There is no excuse for saying that “nothing is good” in whichever country.  Not even if your country has stationed liberating or occupying forces there.

That was bad enough. Eight days earlier, in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung, she criticized the forces that ended Germany’s Third Reich for not having strategies before the war: “Why didn’t they strengthen the opposition? Why didn’t they bomb the railtracks that lead to Auschwitz?” (Warum gab es vorher keine Strategien? Warum wurde die Opposition in Deutschland nicht gestärkt? Warum wurden die Gleise, die nach Auschwitz führten, nicht bombardiert?).

Appeasement hadn’t impressed Hitler, the interviewing reporter suggested.

“Still, war releases a potential of violence I see no justification for. There is injustice, destruction, rape in its tow line. I have seen soldiers recently who can’t cope with their experiences.” Yes, Mrs Käßmann, sure. That’s what our troops are there for, in Afghanistan. j

And there was no storm of protest among the sheep.

This is no longer a church. It’s a sect. I’m off then.


Asma al-Assad’s unnoticed Peace Plan

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Syria’s first lady, Marie-Antoinette à la rose, Asma al Assad, introduced a peace plan for the Middle East and the World a few months ago. I believe it is time to give it some publicity.

“The fact is President Obama is young,” al Assad said, “and President Assad is also very young as well, so maybe it is time for these young leaders to make a difference in the world.”

Many tanks, Madame. Consider yourself nominated.

Asma al Assad is a SENSATION in Europe! (زيارة الرئيس الأسد إلى (فرنسا) أثارت جدلاً واسعاً في الأوساط الفرنسية والأوروبية)

Oh! Ah! Wohoo! Asma al Assad is a SENSATION in Europe! (زيارة الرئيس الأسد إلى (فرنسا) أثارت جدلاً واسعاً في الأوساط الفرنسية والأوروبية)

Showtime: Six Kinds of Crap

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It’s got something to do with casting. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s explained here. Everything you need to know about Germany’s Next Top Model, Heidi Klum‘s search for the most beautiful girl, on one of Germany’s ugliest television channels.

One of Klum’s pearls of wisdom when coaching the babes:

“You have implemented this look very well in your challenge.”

Roger Willemsen doesn’t like it either. He’d like to beat six kinds of crap out of Heidi Klum. After all, he is Germany’s top intellectual and doesn’t like those excesses of voidness.

He didn’t leak his hitherto secret desires unasked. Germany’s liberal-green TAZ had insisted to hear what he thought of Klum’s show. And Willemsen was happy to oblige.

crap quest

crap quest

Which is OK. Germany’s Next Superstar attracts quite an audience, so it is somehow relevant, and something to talk about. Both Klum and Willemsen need to eke out a living, which requires  some public attention. But if Willemsen had wanted to make himself really useful, he could have expressed a desire to beat six kinds of crap out of the BILD Zeitung editorial staff, or out of their peers at Hurriyet, or out of a certain German bishop.

That would have been news. And thought-provoking. After all, Willemsen is Germany’s top intellectual.

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May 22, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Northern Castings: The Winners are In

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Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest

As reported earlier, Verden held its Miss Verden Contest on March 28. And the winners are in! They are, of course, much more beautiful than on this poster to the right. Personally, I think they are also more beautiful than the ladies over there.

But I don’t agree with the jury in Verden. I would have voted for No. 10, the lady in the second row to the right (big picture), next to the emergency exit. But of course, tastes differ. It was No. 5 in the end. Of course, her smile is much nicer than No. 10‘s, but hey, is this a Verden-chooses-the-friendliest-trolley-dolley contest, or is this about beauty?

OK, maybe I’m getting it all wrong anyway. I’m not in this line of business. And of course, I don’t want to go into details, because that could appear sexist.

But now you all now that Verden is chique. If you ever voiced any doubts about that, you can eat your words now.

Also in the news here in Northern Germany: The East Frisians chose their most beautiful Holstein cow in Leer, on March 11. Her Title: Miss East Frisia.

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April 4, 2009 at 7:51 pm

News from Verden (Aller)

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Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest. This poster announces the Miss Verden contest of March 28 this year. Anyway, I think it’s this year, although this all looks a bit old, but March 28 is a Saturday. Don’t miss it.

Cow-towing. Brokering right from the farm has become an established way of selling, reports masterrind.com in Verden, under its Breeding and Biotechnology menu item. Besides export and auctioneering, Ex-factory farm delivery is an important way of selling.

At the moment (information apparently undated), there is demand for complete playpen flocks. You’ll find the company’s phone numbers (Meißen and Verden offices) on its homepage.

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March 15, 2009 at 8:55 am