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We, the Anti-Democrats

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The following is my – unauthorised – translation of a short article by Adam Soboczynski, a journalist who has attracted a lot of attention and frequently readers’ anger with his articles for Germany’s weekly Die Zeit. In his latest article, he criticises the appreciation for a French manifesto, “L’Insurrection Qui Vient” (German: “Der Kommende Aufstand”). Whenever published online, Soboczynski’s utterances draw great numbers of – mostly angry – comments. His references to Stuttgart in the following are about Stuttgart 21.


We, the Anti-Democrats

Adam Soboczynski, Die Zeit (online and printed ed. 49), 2 December, 2010

 The angry citizen isn’t conservative. He’s reactionary.

The Coming Uprising (Der kommende Aufstand), the much-discussed, partly printed by Der Spiegel, prized in the feature pages, manifesto of a French “invisible committee” has, despite all revolutionary rhetoric, a conservative nucleus: the loss of traditional conviviality, donnybrooks, good manners. Thought that could be associated with the left – a call for building communes, a celebration of subversive protest, anti-capitalism – are being notched with mourning past everyday habits.

The coming uprising is also anticipated so briskly because it seems to picture the uprisings of angry citizens who didn’t only agitate this country in Stuttgart. That’s what Der Spiegel claims this week. The paper misses the point that the protests are – despite what they may seem to be – of no conservative kind. Certainly, as a pensioner, you don’t want to be confronted with a construction site that is going to stay for ten years. For the last few years of your life, everything should remain the way it has been.

What appears to be, at first glance, a conservative impulse, is in fact reactionary. Reactionary in that secretly, it is moulded by a fervent distrust of parliamentarism and democratic institutions that structure [political or social, probably – Taide] participation.
Apparently, every sense of formal aspects of democracy have been lost: people don’t want to get involved in the political parties’ mean business, but shortcut opinion formation by referenda. No governments relying on discreet communication, people celebrate WikiLeaks. People wish to restrict minorities (such as migrants or smokers) by referenda, while the state is unnecessarily still protecting them.

Just as the sixtyeighters once came from America to Germany, it’s the reactionary Tea-Party movement today which inspires us. Even if only for operating the principle of majority against democratic institutions, quite in accordance with market-economy principles, you can’t consider citizen anger as conservative. If the sixtyeighters believed that the state was mixing with capitalism in a calamitous way, today’s angry citizens structurally align with capitalism.

Henning Ritter, a publicist, has recently noted in his jotter the fine observation that self-fulfilment may be highly appreciated, but without having anything in common with emancipation. The sixtyeighters were filled with the legitimate desire to emancipate from many things – the generation of their parents, or the patriarchy. Despite all revolutionary pathos, the protest soon turned to subcultural recesses or all kinds of careers that were felt meaningful. But from the moment where it dawns on you that self-fulfilment beyond the existing achievements doesn’t translate into individual gains in liberty any more, there will be no march through the institutions any longer, but their dismantlement instead.


Steinbrück set to become Germany’s Ambassador to Switzerland

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Ambassador Steinbrück, charging soon?

Ambassador Steinbrück, charging soon?

Peer Steinbrück (SPD), managing finance minister in Germany’s outgoing grand coalition, is set to become Germany’s ambassador to Switzerland, Taide learned from usually well-informed sources.

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September 27, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Showtime: Six Kinds of Crap

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It’s got something to do with casting. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s explained here. Everything you need to know about Germany’s Next Top Model, Heidi Klum‘s search for the most beautiful girl, on one of Germany’s ugliest television channels.

One of Klum’s pearls of wisdom when coaching the babes:

“You have implemented this look very well in your challenge.”

Roger Willemsen doesn’t like it either. He’d like to beat six kinds of crap out of Heidi Klum. After all, he is Germany’s top intellectual and doesn’t like those excesses of voidness.

He didn’t leak his hitherto secret desires unasked. Germany’s liberal-green TAZ had insisted to hear what he thought of Klum’s show. And Willemsen was happy to oblige.

crap quest

crap quest

Which is OK. Germany’s Next Superstar attracts quite an audience, so it is somehow relevant, and something to talk about. Both Klum and Willemsen need to eke out a living, which requires  some public attention. But if Willemsen had wanted to make himself really useful, he could have expressed a desire to beat six kinds of crap out of the BILD Zeitung editorial staff, or out of their peers at Hurriyet, or out of a certain German bishop.

That would have been news. And thought-provoking. After all, Willemsen is Germany’s top intellectual.

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May 22, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Eight Represents: Exposing Justrecently’s Lies

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Justrecently wrote another biased and distorted post yesterday. He comments on the new bilingual Hualan Magazine‘s story on The Eight Represent Ordinary Women, and by commenting on one of the photos he suggests that The Eight Represents were no real Represents, because the furniture wasn’t ordinary enough. No, he doesn’t say that, he only viciously implies that without saying!

I will expose Justrecently’s lies one by one.

Let’s look at what some of the represents said when they were asked what Germany makes them think of:

Represent One

Hualan Magazine: Represent One

Represent 1:
I don’t know much about Germany. But I like dogs very much, so I’m thinking of German shepherd dogs first.

Represent 2:
Germany? They say that the sausages are very tasty (unfortunately, I haven’t tried one yet). The beer is excellent, too, but I drink no beer.

Represent 3:
When talking about Germany, I’m thinking of brown bread first. Haha, maybe it’s because I don’t like brown bread. (…) Germans are pretty ambitious. (…) They don’t plan today for tomorrow, but much earlier. (…) Don’t be in the way of their fixed plans, otherwise they may fall out with you. That doesn’t mean that they abandon friendly relations, but it shows that they are annoyed about something.

Represent 4:
I’m very cheerful and open-hearted. In the past, I was a model on auto shows, and I once founded an orchestra with three Germans. (…) They aren’t as boring as people describe them.

Represent 5:
Recently, I bought a LV bag in Germany, but the price was 15 Euros above that in France. (…) Germans are very serious, punctual, and act like gentlemen. (…)

LV bag

LV bag

The other three represents talked the same way. And you try to make us believe that they aren’t ordinary? Shame on you, Justrecently! You are too CNN!

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May 17, 2009 at 8:54 am

Man, I Go to the Bank!

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Commerzbank recruitment

Commerzbank recruitment

This is how the Commerzbank recruits trainees. Words at the top of the advertisement:

Man, I go to the bank! / What you want: vocational training at the Commerzbank. / Ideas to the fore.

The periodical which carries this work of art is SPIESSER, die jugendzeitschrift (BABBITT, the youth magazine).

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February 13, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Jerusalem we are Cumming!

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Hamas‘ interior minister was killed in an Israeli air raid today.

And Al-Aqsa Television has lost its innocence, in a striclty Islamist sense.
They broadcasted Catholic porn for several minutes.

Apparently, MEMRI TV monitored and recorded the satellite broadcast.

According to Der Spiegel, a bored television technician at the broadcasting center in Gaza, unaware that his choices on his personal screen were actually all aired, zapped into a Polish television channel.

What happened next? Probably, the poor technician, no longer bored, had to go to the toilet to throw up after facing such terrible pictures of nudity and dance, or he swooned on the spot, and whatever, the striptease dancer whose name was Sandra stayed on air for a while.

Maybe some people in Gaza had some fun with it. At least for a while.

Jerusalem we are cumming!

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January 15, 2009 at 7:12 pm

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Aleppo soap and its miraculous Effects

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Hi dear reader,
and now for something LIGHT…
I had looked for some Syrian soap, or rather Aleppo soap on ebay. There are several offers there, and some product descriptions are so cool that I can’t help but sharing them here. For example…
Aleppo soap – (…) made of pure olive oil
Aleppo soap has been produced in a high-quality, natural process for millenia. The olive oil cleans the skin and greases back at the same time. As it is so mild (pH neutral), it is applicable to every type of skin. The use of natural ingredients only makes it both outstandingly caring-effective and 100% biodegradable.
From its ochre-coloured surface you can see its gentle air-drying which takes six to nine months. The olive-green colour inside is an indicator for its strong vitamin-E content.
Aleppo soap is purely herbal,  pH neutral, antiseptic, highly efficient, has a high amount of vitamin E, is biodegradable, produced in a gentle way, and free of preserving agents (…)
You are purchasing by auction 1 piece of Aleppo soap, 190 to 200 grammes. This soap emphasizes the properties of laurel oil. It cleans, nourishes, disinfects and calms, invigorates and refreshes. Healing and calming effect on skin problems such as acne, allergies, eczema, and psoriasis. The more dry the skin is, the higher a laurel concentration should be chosen.
An oriental secret for skin and hair care.
Subtly fragrant, 100% herbal and naturally pure olive soap from the Orient, produced just like 1000 years and more ago in Syria, made of 80% olive and 20% laurel oil. The soap is made of 100% renewable ingredients and contains no artificial preserving agents, no ionic tensides, technical colours, flavours (such as perfume), or animal additives. Production is carried out without animal experiments. (…)
This is beautiful too:
In Syria, production of soap was first mentioned on the Ebla Tablets around 1000 B.C. as a medical cure. (…) Laurel soap is a merely herbal soap, without chemical or animal additives. It is good for cleaning and caring for the skin, and also for shaving, and against dandruff (leave it there for two to three minutes). It is refreshing and supports the self-regulating function of your skin. The pH value animates the body to release poison and acids through the skin. The skin can breathe and sweat without losing humidity. The skins acid mantle protection of the skin doesn’t get affected.
In case of hypersensitive skin, allergies, and neuro-dermatological diseases the soap can be used, too. Itching and lotioning is over when using laurel soap. It produces little foam and therefore lasts long. If kept dry, it can be stored for several decades.
Ingredients: 30% native olive oil kba, 30% genuine laurel oil kba, thereof 30% fat laurel oil kba (…)
OK, let’s sum this down: chemotherapeutic agents, penicillin, and sulphoamide? Geez, the Fertile Crescent’s nature and science have blessed us with a completely unobserved substance that doesn’t only help with dry skin, but dandruff, acne, allergies, eczema, and Elephantiasis, too! It’s even antibacterial! That’s probably why Aleppo has never been afflicted by pestilence, cholera, and Berriberri.
Alright, it is still no perpetuum mobile, but you can’t ask everything from a 200 grammes piece of soap.
Time for the United Nations or Bill Gates to test its effect against malaria, yellow fever and tuberculosis.

Hallo meine lieben LeserInnen, heute leihe ich mir mal was.
Am Wochenende habe ich beim deutschen Ebay nach syrischer Seife, oder besser nach Alepposeife gesucht. Es gibt dort jede menge Anbieter und ein paar Produktbeschreibungen sind einfach so klasse, dass ich sie an dieser Stelle wiedergeben möchte:
Aleppo Seife – (…) aus reinem Olivenöl
Die Aleppo-Seife wird seit Jahrtausenden nach einem hochwertigen, natürlichen Verfahren hergestellt. Das Olivenöl reinigt die Haut und sorgt gleichzeitig für deren Rückfettung. Dank der Milde (ph-neutral) eignet sich die Aleppo-Seife für jeden Hauttyp. Die Verwendung ausschließlich natürlicher Zutaten, bewirkt neben der hervorragenden Pflegewirkung auch die 100% biologische Abbaubarkeit.
An der ockerfarbigen äußeren Schicht erkennt man die schonende 6-9 Monate dauernde Lufttrocknung. Das olivgrün im Inneren der Seife ist ein Indikator für den hohen Vitamin-E Gehalt.
(Alepposeife ist)
… rein pflanzlich
… pH-neutral
… antiseptisch
… höchste Ergiebigkeit
… hoher Vitamin-E Gehalt
… biologisch abbaubar
… schonende Herstellung
… ohne Konservierungsstoffe (…)
Oder auch:
Sie bieten auf 1 Stück Alepposeife, Stück zwischen 190 – 200g.
80 % Oliven- und  20 % Lorbeeröl, ca. zwei Jahre alt
Diese Seife unterstreicht die Eigenschaften des Lorbeeröls. Sie reinigt, nährt, desinfiziert und beruhigt, belebt und erfrischt. Wirkt heilend und beruhigend bei Hautproblemen, wie Akne, Allergien, Ekzemen und Psoriasis. Je trockener die Haut, desto höher sollte man den Lorbeeranteil wählen. 
Ein Geheimnis aus dem Orient zur Pflege von Haut und Haar
Fein duftende, 100 % pflanzliche naturreine Olivenseife aus dem Orient, hergestellt wie schon seit über 1000 Jahren in Syrien aus 80 % Oliven- und 20 % Lorbeeröl. Die Seife ist aus 100 % nachwachsenden Rohstoffen und enthält keine künstlichen Konservierungsstoffe, keine ionischen Tenside, technische Farben, Aromen (wie z.B. Parfümierung) oder tierische Zusatzstoffe. Die Herstellung erfolgt ohne Tierversuche. (…)
Und richtig prima:
handgemachte Seife aus Aleppo (Syrien)
In Syrien findet die Herstellung von Seifen erstmals auf den Ebla-Tafeln um 1000 v. Chr. Erwähnung als medizinisches Heilmittel.
Lorbeerseife ist eine rein pflanzliche Seife; frei von chemischen und tierischen Zusätzen. Sie ist Reinigungs- und Pflegemittel für Haut & Haare und zudem geeignet für die Rasur und zur Bekämpfung von Kopfschuppen.(2-3 Min. einwirken lassen). Sie wirkt erfrischend und unterstützt die selbstregulierende Funktion der Haut. Der ph-Wert regt den Körper an, Gifte und Säuren über die Haut auszuscheiden. Die Haut kann atmen und schwitzen, ohne Feuchtigkeit zu verlieren.
Der Säureschutzmantel der Haut wird nicht angegriffen.
Auch bei überempfindlicher Haut; Allergien und neurodermatologischen Erkrankungen, kann die Seife verwendet werden. Jucken und eincremen der Haut entfällt bei Benutzung der Lorbeerseife  Sie produziert wenig Schaum und ist deshalb sehr ergiebig. Trocken gehalten kann sie mehrere Jahrzehnte gelagert werden.
Inhaltsstoffe: 70% natives Olivenöl kbA, 30% echtes Lorbeeröl kbA – davon 30% fettes Lorbeeröl kbA (…)
Also, fassen wir alles das einmal zusammen: Chemotherapeutika, Penicillin und Sulfoamide? Bah, die Natur und die Wissenschaft des fruchtbaren Halmondes hat uns einen bis jetzt völlig übersehenen Stoff geschenkt, der nicht nur gegen trockene Haut hilft, sondern auch bei Kopfschuppen, Akne, Allergien, Ekzemen und Elephantiasis eingesetzt werden kann. Und Antibakteriell ist die Alepposeife auch noch; wahrscheinlich wurde Aleppo deshalb auch nie von Pest, Cholera und Beri-Beri heimgesucht.
Nun gut, ein Perpetuum mobile scheint Alepposeife nicht zu sein, aber sollten die UNO oder Bill Gates nicht endlich ihre Wirkung gegen Malaria, Gelbfieber und Tuberkulose untersuchen lassen?

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July 14, 2008 at 2:57 pm

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