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Asma al-Assad’s unnoticed Peace Plan

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Syria’s first lady, Marie-Antoinette à la rose, Asma al Assad, introduced a peace plan for the Middle East and the World a few months ago. I believe it is time to give it some publicity.

“The fact is President Obama is young,” al Assad said, “and President Assad is also very young as well, so maybe it is time for these young leaders to make a difference in the world.”

Many tanks, Madame. Consider yourself nominated.

Asma al Assad is a SENSATION in Europe! (زيارة الرئيس الأسد إلى (فرنسا) أثارت جدلاً واسعاً في الأوساط الفرنسية والأوروبية)

Oh! Ah! Wohoo! Asma al Assad is a SENSATION in Europe! (زيارة الرئيس الأسد إلى (فرنسا) أثارت جدلاً واسعاً في الأوساط الفرنسية والأوروبية)


Asma al-Assad is the Queen Diana of the Orient, Die Zeit says (not)

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Ooooh! Aaah! Wow! Asma al-Assad is so cool! Her Chic even outshines  Michele Obama and Carla Bruni! And she’s so unassuming, she even takes her and her awkward and stiff husband’s (that’s the president of the Syrian Arab Republic) children to the kindergarten herself! And beside her housework, she beguiles us on the national and international stage!

OK. Anyway, Germany’s weekly Die Zeit, a paper which traditionally minded its reputation as a serious news source, it absolutely beguiled. Asma al-Assad belongs to the growing circle of modern Arab first ladies who – skilled and self-confident – know how to act on the international stage (the term “stage” is used for the second time in the article here), and claim their public position at home, too, Die Zeit advises us.

Why does this picture make me think of... [click on the picture]
Why does this picture make me think of…  [click on the picture above]

And what’s the sensation? Syria’s first lady grew up in Britain. Did Die Zeit believe that wearing a burkha and never inching outside her home without her husband is in an Arab woman’s genes?

At least they don’t refer to her as the Lady Di of Arabia. They only quote Paris Match, a gossip magazine (yes, that how a gossip columnist with Die Zeit refers to gossip magazines) as saying so. Or, rather, Queen Diana, Die Zeit says Paris Match says.

Or who says so? Die Zeit doesn’t mention the name of the article’s author.

Or was it really mohdsuak who wrote it? That’s right, the Die Zeit article is also available in English – everything you ever wanted to know about the Queen Diana of the Orient! If the link should get lost, let me know, and I’ll post the English article here in full.

So was the original in article in German or in English? Was it bulkware written by a histrionic intern writing bulk articles for a news agency? Did he or she meet Mme Assad in the real world and conduct an interview with her?

Who knows? And who cares?

Written by taide

September 12, 2009 at 8:15 pm

In Violation of the ASBO

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Porn is becoming part of popular culture, as we have learned from Sasha Grey and Spiegel Online. But there is a time for porn, and a time for breakfast, when porn isn’t deemed desirable. On the other hand, maybe Caroline Cartwright’s neighbours simply aren’t hip, and haven’t understood the latest trends.

Aaaah!!! Ouuuhhh!!! Uuuuuuhhhhh! STOP it, PIG!!

Codeword: ASBO*)


*) ASBO stands for anti-social behaviour order.

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July 12, 2009 at 6:53 pm

History: Verden Police Commander’s Office Status Report

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October 1, 1945, para 5

The occupying forces’ conduct is restrained. However, the majority of the German population watches with growing disapproval an embarassing rise in dubious relations between the occupying force and a certain category of German women who, apparently excited about chocolate and cigarettes, completely discard their dignity […..]

Seven shillings straight in, fifteen shillings up the ***

Seven shillings straight in, thirteen shillings up the ***

Quote from Heimatkalender für den Landkreis Verden,
1990, p. 207.
Photo from Taide’s archive.

Europe warmly welcomes Obama

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OK, not exactly everyone. Klaus Emmerich, former chief editor of Austria’s publicly-owned ORF Radio and TV station and former correspondent in the US dislikes the election result. “I don’t want to be led by a Black in the Western world. If you say that this is a racist remark, that’s correct, no question.

And in an interview with Austria’s national daily Der Standard he saw some need to elaborate: he saw a very disturbing development behind Obama’s victory, because the Blacks, “in their political-civilisational development” hadn’t got that far yet. (Der Spiegel)

Fortunately, our neighbours still further South have a prime minister who is much more considerate of minorities. Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was full of praise for America’s president-elect:

He’s young, handsome and tanned.

Silvio, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Written by taide

November 6, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Obituary: My Citroen BX

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Citroën BX inside

Citroën BX inside

A long amour franco-allemand has sadly ended. My true love. She is gone, gone forever. And although we were often going seperate ways – me to work, she into the repair shop -, we had a wonderful time together. She was addicted to oil and gas, though not as much as Europe is to Russian oil and gas. She was a bumpy ride. She was unpredictable. The windows in the driver’s door and front passenger door wouldn’t open, and if they did, they bogged deep into the door at once. The rope rolls were broken. Also, I never locked the back door for fear that I might never be able to unlock it again. We had turbulent rides together.

No, she wasn’t reliable. But golly, how exciting she was! And how I excited her! Some day, together with a professional mechanic as keen to experiment as I was, I endowed her with an extra circular flow of vegetable oil. As rides to work were long, it was worth the investment. After about ten kilometres, I could usually switch from gas to veggie. She didn’t go out of order any more often than before that measure.

Citroën BX outside

Citroën BX outside

She was beautiful. She didn’t have the makings of a star. Rather, she was beautiful like… well… like a beautiful country wench who isn’t even aware of her own beauty. She was sizable, but appeared to be almost slim. She had rough edges, but not too rough. Not like an Alfa Romeo. She was conservative in a dowdy way, not fascist at all.

She was pure and simple. She was so simple that at night, even the dimmed illumination of the controls and instruments wouldn’t work. I didn’t care. If she wanted a blind flight, so be it. There was no need to see the speedometer. It wasn’t accurately indicating the speed anyway, and I had developed a feeling for the right speed. Whenever the congestion behind me had become too long, it was apparently time to accelerate, until everyone was happy. After a while, I found the correct speed without a jam buildup behind me.

But our relationship has come to an end. A quarter of a year ago, she had her final screw loose. I thought it was another fascinating episode on our seemingly never-ending romantic switchback ride, but this time, she wasn’t just bitchy. She was dead. And only fifteen.

Rest in peace, my dear. Though you are gone, I’ll still often take a ride with you – in my dreams.

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August 16, 2008 at 7:50 pm

Lovestory – The REAL Car (Part One)

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There may be some confusion abroad about the concept of German cars on the one hand, and the Germans’ cars on the other.

The big German manufacturers (Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche) make cars in the upper layers of the markets, and only massive use of expensive technology can bring their consumption down to 7 to 12 litres. cars waiting for cargo, shopping centre, Saturday morning

But you can only spend your money once, and many German buyers happily do without that technology, buying cars at medium or low prices instead. Brands like Ford or Opel who face competiton from Italy, Japan, or Korea are having no easy time of that. So is Volkswagen, still struggling to make up their mind about what to offer their European and German customers: the economical 3-litre Lupo or their bombastic Phaeton.

 So far, the German manufacturers still get “help” from the European Commission. Mandatory reduction of CO2 emissions has been postponed once again, and new, not necessarily essential safety requirements such as ESP may keep competitors like the Indian Tata out of the European market.

Scumbags like me, lacking costly patriotism, certainly do hope for globalisation to take root. I don’t like tariffal or non-tariffal trade barriers that force us to buy cars with features that I haven’t asked for.

If the German car lobbyism goes on like this, they’ll find themselves at the same position as the US manufacturers who can keep their SUVs to themselves.

 If this happens, thanks to the narrow-mindedness of CEOs and the silly expectations from the workforce as to what their employers owe them in wages, the jobs will go elsewhere – and it won’t be long until the people who have lost them will claim “solidarity”. You can have mine, if you get real and let Porsche and Wiedeking in immediately. As a Lower Saxonian, I’d like to buy a Volkswagen from my home province – but you’ll have to give me a chance to do so.

 Otherwise, please go and **** yourselves. I won’t listen to your demonstrations, and sue you all once you jam the motorways in “protest” as your jobs are moving East.


Written by taide

June 15, 2008 at 8:20 am